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Leading payment security provider Bluefin Payment Systems has announced a new partnership with Choice Ticketing to provide Bluefin’s PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution to performing arts organizations utilizing Choice Entertainment Technologies’ ChoiceCRM platform.

ChoiceCRM provides an all-inclusive ticketing, marketing, and fundraising solution built on the backbone of strong customer relationship management software. ChoiceCRM allows clients to create and define an ongoing relationship with their patrons, while keeping all of their system information together in one easy to access location.

Through the partnership with Bluefin, Choice Entertainment Technologies will provide their clients with Bluefin’s PCI-validated P2PE solution directly through ChoiceCRM, enhancing security and reducing PCI scope with no change to the payment transaction flow. Bluefin enables PCI-validated P2PE on partner platforms with their Decryptx® Decryption as a Service (DaaS) product, which allows gateways, applications, and processors to directly connect to Bluefin for the P2PE service.

“Improving the relationship between our clients and their patrons is ultimately what ChoiceCRM was created for,” said Brian Roberts, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy of Choice Entertainment Technologies. “Our tools, data, and efficiency allow our clients to understand their patron behind the ticket sale, and partnering with Bluefin to provide their PCI-validated P2PE solution will further strengthen these relationships while securing payment transactions with the highest security standards in the industry.”

Bluefin’s PCI-validated P2PE solution secures credit and debit card transactions by encrypting all data within a PCI-approved point of entry device, preventing clear-text cardholder data from being available in the device or the merchant’s system where it could be exposed to malware. Data decryption is only done offsite in a Bluefin hardware security module (HSM).

“2017 closed out with a record 1,339 data breaches in the U.S. and over 174 million consumer records compromised,” said Greg Cornwell, Head of Global Sales for Bluefin. “Breaches are not slowing down, and the leading cause, 60% of reported breaches, is malicious software (malware). As cybercriminals do not discriminate, organizations of all kinds will continue to fall prey to data breaches. Partnering with Choice Entertainment Technologies comes at an imperative time, and we are very excited to provide our PCI-validated P2PE solution to secure their clients’ ticketing payments.”

Benefits of a PCI-validated P2PE solution for organizations and enterprises include reduced PCI compliance and scope, saving time and money on annual audits, and the assurance that the technology has been vetted and approved by the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC). Organizations can learn more about Bluefin’s P2PE benefits through several case studies on the Bluefin media page.

About Bluefin Payment Systems

Bluefin Payment Systems is the leader in payment security. The company specialize in PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) integrated and stand-alone solutions for retail, mobile, call center and kiosk/unattended environments, and secure Ecommerce technologies including transparent redirect, payment iFrame and tokenization. Bluefin is a Participating Organization (PO) of the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC) and is headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in New York, Chicago, Tulsa and Waterford, Ireland. For more information, please visit

About Choice Entertainment Technologies

Choice Entertainment Technologies was founded in 1990 and has been a leader in providing innovative solutions, in particular to performing arts organizations. Choice Entertainment Technologies’ flagship product, ChoiceCRM, is a cloud based CRM, offering advanced technology capabilities for box office, fundraising, marketing and ticketing operations.

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