ChoiceCRM’s Easy-to-Use, Integrated Sales Solutions Allow You to Effectively Run Your Box Office, Making the Sales Process Run as Smooth as Possible. Our Shopping Cart Allows for Quick Ticket, Retail, Fundraising, and Membership Sales, All from the Same Location.


Our Comprehensive Sales Module Makes It Easy to Sell Any Type of Ticket You Need in One Transaction.

  • Reserved Seating, General Admission, and/or Best Available Tickets Are Available for Sale within a Single Transaction.
  • Order Comments Are Able to Be Added to a Transaction and Reported upon with Ease.
  • Subscription Tickets and Single Events Available for Sale Simultaneously.
  • Marketing Information Is Efficiently Collected While Selling Tickets.
  • Merchandise, Fundraising, Development, and Membership Sales Available in the Same Order as Your Ticket Sales.

True Shopping Cart

Our True Shopping Cart Gives You the Options You Need in a Comprehensive Format.

  • Items May Be Added and/or Removed at Any Point during Your Sale.
  • Tickets, Donations, Memberships, Merchandise, and Gift Certificates Can Be Sold in the Same Order.
  • Custom Payment Types Available for Configuration to Drive Your Business.
  • Quick Sale Features for Night-of-Show Sales with the Fewest Possible Keystrokes.
  • Flexible Payment Options Allow for Multiple Payment Types in One Transaction.

Comprehensive Subscription Options

You and Your Patrons Deserve a Variety of Options When It Comes to Subscriptions.

  • Full Series Subscriptions Created with Ease.
  • Fixed and Variable Mini-Series Subscriptions Allow You to Customize Your Subscriptions to Fit Your Organization.
  • Flex Subscriptions Give You Unlimited Subscriber Options.


Choice Ticketing Comes with an Extensive Reporting Module. For More Information on This, See Our ChoiceCRM Reporting Page.

  • Full Series Subscription Reports Allow You to Track Your Subscribers Easily.
  • Make Your End-of-Day Easier with Our Daily Close-out, Settlement, and Balancing Reports.
  • Comprehensive Fundraising, Merchandise, & Gift Certificate Reporting Options.
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting That Allows You to Get the Exact Information You Want, the Way You Want It.