GalaPro unlocks brand new audiences for your organization with a robust compliance & audience enhancement app featuring closed captioning, audio description, & amplification.

Complete Compliance Solution

Accessibility is of concern to any forward-thinking organization. GalaPro takes you there.

  • Extend access to deaf and hard of hearing audience members with closed captioning and amplification
  • Serve blind audience members and those with vision loss by providing audio descriptions of nonverbal stage interactions
  • Access a growing library of close-captioned shows
  • Become an industry leader on accessibility issues

Unlock New Audiences

With GalaPro, your potential audience is everyone.

  • Serve patrons with limited English-language skills using closed captioning and dubbing
  • Extend your relationship with older audience members who benefit from an augmented listening experience
  • Bring foreign-language programming to your existing audience
  • Add interactive elements to your productions by incorporating program details, character summaries, actor bios, and more

A Seamless Audience Experience

GalaPro enhances the viewing experience for parts of your existing audience and creates new patrons for your organization—all while keeping disruption to a minimum.

  • Designed to be non-disruptive: no bright lights or outside sound. The app works only when in airplane mode and uses no backlighting
  • Purpose-built for performing arts audiences
  • Available for both iPhones and Android devices

Beef Up Your Bottom Line

Introduce new revenue streams while GalaPro introduces you to your audience.

  • Learn more about your plus ones and other members of your “ghost audience” using GalaPro’s data acquisition features
  • GalaPro’s customizable format enables corporate sponsorship opportunities
  • Utilize in-app advertising real estate