Quit going cross-eyed over spreadsheets. Activity Stream is an artificial intelligence-capable platform bringing you the data most relevant to your organization in an interface that is actually fun to use.

Plug It In

Activity Stream interfaces with other Choice Entertainment Tech products as well as other major ticketing systems and data platforms.

  • Hassle free: No data migration needed. Activity Stream filters and analyzes your existing infrastructure, no matter what you’re using or where your data is stored
  • Connect sales, development, attendance, accounts payable, and anything else you can quantify
  • Industry specific tools give you insights into patron acquisition and attendance patterns

The Machine Workload

Get the insight of a top industry analyst in the form of a dedicated artificial intelligence engine that never quits working for you.

  • Machine learning models are constantly updating, bringing you discoveries that human analysis would take forever to find
  • The AI engine’s customer segmentation abilities give you deep insights into your customers: what they like, how they behave, how they group, and their preferred ways to interact
  • Activity Stream returns actionable recommendations for cost saving and increasing revenue

Up Your Decision Game

From purchasing to programming, Activity Stream gives you the insights to save money & maximize profit.

  • Plan, monitor, and compare your marketing and development campaigns to maximize impact
  • Monitor cost, and turn insights into cost saving opportunities, better cost containment, and improved cost structure
  • Sophisticated permissions management empowers your staff to make informed decisions, whether they are programming your next season, launching a fundraising campaign, or resolving a customer service issue