SocialToaster brings a sense of play to ticket sales while optimizing marketing and inventory management efforts.

Add SocialToaster to your toolbox and give your patrons a chance to win specially priced tickets to any show or event. Patrons enter to win using an email address or social media account. Once the drawing takes place, winners are automatically notified via text message and/or email and directed to purchase their “winning tickets” at the box office prior to the show.

Set It & Forget It

Let SocialToaster do the heavy lifting. We handle all the grunt work, from automated communications to legal mumbo-jumbo.

  • Fully automated! After you set up a lottery, the process of winner selection, notification, and box-office communication unfold without any additional button-pushing on your part
  • Use the lottery to capitalize on buzz for a big show or increase sales for events that need a little extra boost
  • SocialToaster is up-to-date on current regulations related to lotteries and we manage the legal issues on your behalf

Play To Win

What’s more irresistible than the chance to win a prize? Even better: SocialToaster brings you people already excited about your programming.

  • Non-winners receive a customized email highlighting a discount or lowest-price offer for the show
  • Pull entrants’ social-media information directly into your database
  • Voilå: a target-rich group you already know is interested in your programming

It’s All About Your Brand

Bring a robust ticket lottery directly to your audience. No go-betweens.

  • Fully branded to match you
  • Make it your own: choose the images, video content, emails, and text messages that best reflect your brand identity
  • Customize each lottery by selecting the ideal price, ticket quantity, and timeline