Email is the most reliable way to communicate with your customers. We’re proud to offer Delivra, the highest user-rated email marketing system.

Plug It In

Delivra integrates with all Choice Entertainment Technology products as well as a host of other applications.

  • Use another ticketing system? Delivra will work with it, too
  • We walk you through your first campaign and connect you to a dedicated account manager to handle all your questions.

Automate ’Til the Sun Goes Down

Design automated drip campaigns based on user actions, inaction, and purchase history.

  • Our drag-and-drop design interface makes it easy to build complex, attractive email campaigns in no time at all
  • Choose when and how often to contact subscribers based on how they interact with your ticketing system and engagement efforts
  • Automatically send leads to your sales or development team based on predefined customer behavior

Track Your Email Marketing ROI

Think tactically about your email campaigns and monitor the results.

  • Sophisticated analytics let you know exactly what’s working
  • Opens, clicks, conversions, recovered revenue: Delivra tracks it all

Standout Customer Service

We differentiate ourselves from the competition by providing exceptional customer support.

  • We’ll help you use your system in the way that works best for your business — and your bottom line
  • Access our encyclopedic support materials for tutorials, explanations, and troubleshooting
  • Web-based chat, telephone, and videoconferencing support options