ChoiceCRM can import data from almost any source, provided it can be formatted into some type of PC file format. Acceptable formats include DBF, ASCII Delimited Text, MS Access and MS Excel. It is your responsibility to “clean up” your database as much as possible before the conversion process begins. A basic data conversion includes name, address, telephone and other basic demographic information. Other data can typically be converted into ChoiceCRM as customer codes (such as marketing information indicating interest in a certain type of event, or identifying subscribers from a certain year) to be able to pull meaningful marketing lists from the first day of the system.

Once ChoiceCRM receives the clean database in an acceptable format it generally takes five business days to execute the conversion. If you are unable to provide a clean database from which to convert and the conversion takes an inordinate amount of time, then ChoiceCRM reserves the right to charge an agreed upon custom programming rate for any additional work.