You know your ticket buyers, subscribers, and members, but how do you meet your “ghost audience” of plus ones and those who purchase as a group? The Social Sign.In wifi platform connects you with all visitors any time they use a mobile device on site.

From You, About You

Offer a complimentary wifi network that carries your organization’s name and content and no one else’s.

  • Deliver in-venue experiences unique to each production or event with targeted mobile display ads, thank-you emails, and automated surveys
  • Match your brand identify to your wifi network with our broad customization options

Data Acquisition

Offer a handy utility to your patrons that doubles as a powerful data acquisition tool.

  • Every user authenticates with an email address or social login, info that goes right to your database
  • Communicate differently depending on audience member status: patron vs. subscriber vs. a member of the ghost audience
  • Accelerate customer acquisition by zeroing in on non-ticket-buyers who have already sat in your seats.

Drive Revenue

Mobile display ads are built into the authentication process, giving you the flexibility to promote upcoming programming or sell an ad to the restaurant next door.

  • Promote yourself: refreshments, merchandise, and upcoming events
  • Sell ad space: local dining, parking, and other cultural events
  • Use complimentary wifi as a sponsorship opportunity for a large advertiser or donor

Easy Installation

It’s simpler than you think, and we’ll walk you through it.

  • Our team will work with your IT guy to get you up and running
  • No wifi? No problem. We’ve vetted the best hardware and can advise you on purchasing decisions
  • Need installation support? We can help with that, too