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Who do I Hire?

by Jennifer Bell, Choice Ticketing Education Manager

When dealing with the ticketing industry you are often hard pressed to find individuals who come in to a box office sales position with all of the qualifications desired. Heck, this is a difficult thing to find in any job. What steps can you take to ensure you are bringing in the best people for the position?

Know your job

Each job will have a job description. This is not only for the person who is applying to know their duties, but also so you can have a clear understanding of what the position shall entail. If your box office staff member is supposed to make sales calls, you need to hire a person with good phone skills and customer service experience.

Know your office

What is the environment in your office? Do most people work separately or in groups on projects? Will this position report to a specific person? Does the office rely on a lot of in person communications or on individuals working under their own supervision.

Create realistic expectations

It is rare that a candidate will come in and be able to meet all of the expectations of an office right from the beginning. Take your job description and qualifications and make it into a list of priorities. If the person will be working daily in excel spreadsheets, but will occasionally have to make a PowerPoint presentation, then the position priorities should match.

References are important

You can learn a great deal about a candidate by their references. If at all possible, ask them questions. What duties did their position hold? What was their reason for leaving? What kind of duties and responsibilities were assigned to the candidate? What were their strengths as an employee? Even if a person only has personal references, if you ask the correct questions you can learn a lot about the candidate.

Do you have any tips for new hires? Leave them in the comment section below.

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